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Description The Associate in Arts in Hawaiian Studies (AAHS) provides a focused pathway for students pursuing an AA degree and transferring to a Hawaiian Studies or other baccalaureate degree program within the UH System. The AAHS also provides students with beneficial qualifications for Hawaiʻi’s workforce, where knowledge of the host culture or alternative approaches to problem-solving. hawaiian literature. Skip to main content. Try Prime All. HAW Hawaiian Literature in Translation (3) Hawaiʻinuiakea School of Hawaiian Knowledge, Hawaiian Survey of Hawaiian literature, including prose narration and poetry with reference to Polynesian and Western themes and forms.

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Program: Hawaiian StudiesLiberal Arts. Elective courses may hawaiian literature from a single topic or combination of topics. Admission into the AAHS program is open to all students. Program Learning Outcomes Upon completion of the program, students will be able to do the following: Describe aboriginal Hawaiian linguistic, hawaiian literature, cultural, historical and political concepts.

Apply aboriginal Hawaiian-based concepts, knowledge, and methods in other areas of inquiry such as to the areas of sciences, humanities, arts, and hawaiian literature sciences — in academics, and in other professional endeavors.

Engage, articulate and analyze topics relevant to the aboriginal Hawaiian hawaiian literature using college-level research hawaiian literature writing methods, hawaiian literature. Written Communications FW. Written Communications FW Close. Total Credits: 3 Item. ENG ENG E. Quantitative Reasoning FQ, hawaiian literature. Quantitative Reasoning FQ Close. PHIL Introduction to Deductive Logic, hawaiian literature.

MATH Introduction to Statistics and Probability. Math for Elementary Teachers II. Pre-calculus: Elementary Functions, hawaiian literature. Pre-calculus: Trigonometry and Analytic Geometry.

MATH X. Calculus for Business and Social Sciences. ICS Discrete Mathematics for Computer Science I. Global Multicultural Perspectives FG. Total Credits: 6 Select 2 courses, each from a different group. Group A Item. ANTH ART HIST Group B Item. Survey of Global Art II. BUSN International Business Protocol.

International Business Analysis. GEOG World Regional Geography. World History Since Group C Item. Geography and Contemporary Society. MUS Music in World Cultures. REL SP Personal and Public Speech. Principles of Effective Public Speaking. COM H. Intercultural Communication: Honors Course. General Education Requirements Diversification Item.

Total Credits: 6 Six 6 credits required from two different disciplines. Diversification Arts DA Item. MUS F. MUS Z. Diversification Humanities DH Item. History of the Hawaiian Islands. Understanding Hawaiian Religion. Diversification Literature DL Item. HWST Introduction to Hawaiian Literature in English. Total Credits: 6 Select two 2 courses 6 credits from two different disciplines. PACS POLS SOC Introduction to Social Problems.

Introduction to Sociology of the Family. Total Credits: 7 3 credits from the biological science area DB and 3 credits from the physical science area DP. Biological Sciences DB Item. BOT Plants in the Hawaiian Environment. HORT Hawaii Horticulture and Nutrition.

ZOOL Physical Sciences DP Item. GG Geology of the Hawaiian Islands. ASTR OCN Science Laboratory DY Item, hawaiian literature. HORT L. Hawaii Horticulture and Nutrition Lab, hawaiian literature. BOT L. Plants in the Hawaiian Environment Laboratory.

ZOOL L. OCN L. Science of the Hawaiian literature Laboratory. HWST L. Core Requirements Item. HAW Hawaiian Mythology. Hawaiian-Focused Electives Choose 11 credits of electives or more hawaiian literature add up to 60 credits total Item.

BIOL Environment and Ecology. BIOL L. Environment and Ecology Lab. Hawaiian Perspectives in Ahupua'a Resource Management. Introduction to Hula Kahiko. ECON Principles of Macroeconomics.

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hawaiian literature


HAW Hawaiian Literature in Translation (3) Hawaiʻinuiakea School of Hawaiian Knowledge, Hawaiian Survey of Hawaiian literature, including prose narration and poetry with reference to Polynesian and Western themes and forms. Tag: Hawaiian Language and Literature. Larry Kimura, Associate Professor of Hawaiian Language. Posted on by Staff. Associate Professor Kimura is the internationally renowned “grandfather” of Hawaiian language revitalization. His decades of work can be traced back to the conception of core foundational educational programs in the s that. Jun 11,  · And if you can find it, Da Kine Sound is an unforgettable book of interviews with the stars of Hawaiian music from Genoa Keawe to Gabby Pahinui to the Brothers Cazimero. Hawai`ian literature has much to offer every reader. Enjoy, and in the words of `Olelo No`eau: E mālama i ka `ōlelo, i Author: Amy Hundley.